The Film

DeanKarnazes5The Road to Sparta, the first feature-length documentary from Barney Spender and Roddy Gibson, tracks four runners, including “UltraMarathon Man” Dean Karnazes as they take on the ultimate footrace: the Spartathlon.

Taking place between Athens and Sparta, a distance of 246 kilometres in the searing heat of Greece, the equivalanet of six marathons back to back, the race creates a unique set of difficulties for each of the runners.

Finishing the race is no certainty for any of them.

Rob Pinnington NemeaThe fifth runner in the story is Pheidippides, the man sent by the Athenians in 490 BC to ask the Spartans for military help against the Persians. It is that run that is celebrated and replicated every year with the Spartathlon.

His story is told through the verse of the acclaimed American poet AE Stallings, specially written for the film, and the fresh, vibrant score from Greek band Old House Playground.

Two years in the making and set against a current backdrop of fear and crisis in Greece, The Road to Sparta is a love letter to an extraordinary race and an equally remarkable band of human beings.

The Road to Sparta runs 60 minutes in duration.



The Road to Sparta brilliantly captures the essence of a race that has no equal on the planet, with stirring intensity.”
Dean Karnazes, Runner and Author

The Road to Sparta makes for highly entertaining and engaging viewing. The music sets the tone and the story lets you in. A beautifully told account of the human will to succeed against all odds.”
Gillies Mackinnon, Film director (Hideous Kinky, A Simple Twist of Fate)

“Fascinating stories of heroic endeavour both contemporary and ancient are interwoven skilfully in this engaging and beautifully filmed documentary.”
Helen Hawken, Documentary producer (Big Brother)

Nominated as Best Documentary for the UK Sports Journalists’ Association Awards 2017